Mauro Pawlowski

Mauro was born in Koersel in 1971 and is one of the key figures in the Belgian contemporary music scene. He started his career as a professional musician in 1992 with Evil Superstars. It is impossible to say in a few sentences what he has been doing since, but you can find out for yourself here on the mauroworld website!

Over the years, Mauro has been - and still is - involved in several one-off projects and performances that were, to simplify things, filed under Mauro Pawlowski. An overview of his one-off appearances on releases and live shows is listed here.



Dynamic Wind Load ManGrown Savage God Owes Us A Swimming Pool InsatiablePawlowski, Trouvé & Ward Vol. 2Insider / Outsider


Try A Little Love

Appears on

Ik Ga ZwevenFruit Of Love / Pacific SymphonyE.P. OneX-Legged Sally - Eggs And AshesIn Doc's Place Friday EveningIn Coffee We TrustIn The Lost Souls ConventionProjekt DoosSoulsharksIn A Service StationGlittering 2000Put Us In TuneHallo Met MauroHappy X-Mas / War is overParty PeopleBuiten De WetDid It AgainRocky 7Sukilove13 Belgtronic StandardsKinky Star Hot Collection 2003Meisje MeisjeLive In AnversThe Body Gave You EverythingJumpneedleKapitein Winokio Zag 1 BeerParadisiacImagine No John LennonTwo Russian Cowboys - KillemSwinnenFriendly Mohawk Tastes MaaloxanOne Foot In LifeMineworksTe Gek 2 !?Musical TherapyThe KillbotsMatches For LuciferGe Kunt EtPawlowski / Trouvé / WardKISRTSDe Macht Der GewoonteI H8 CameraVolume 1: Making MoviesUfo Conspiracy BelieverTuralura - Rockers zingen TuraSteppeHello Strumpets!The First Point Of Aries Has Moved Into PiscesUntitledVolume 2New Found Sacred Ground

Tour dates

2019, Oct 19 Peter Holvoet-Hanssen & Mauro Pawlowski 252CC Ekeren Belgium
2019, Oct 26 Delphine Lecompte & Mauro Pawlowski CC De Kimpel Bilzen Belgium
2019, Nov 6 Hoogmis Edegem Belgium
2019, Nov 20 Ancienne Belgique Brussel Belgium
2019, Nov 22 De Kreun Kortrijk Belgium
2019, Nov 29 Cactus Club Brugge Belgium
2019, Nov 30 Muziekodroom Hasselt Belgium
2019, Dec 4 De Casino Sint Niklaas Belgium
2019, Dec 5 Handelsbeurs Gent Belgium
2019, Dec 6 Per W/Pawlowski CC Zomerloos Gistel Belgium
2019, Dec 7 Per W/Pawlowski Het Debuut Westerlo Belgium
2019, Dec 18 Per W/Pawlowski Club 9 Koersel Belgium
2019, Dec 22 90 Seats 90 Minutes Melle Belgium
2020, Jan 23 Delphine Lecompte & Mauro Pawlowski Cinema Walburg Hamont-Achel Belgium
2020, Jan 29 Delphine Lecompte & Mauro Pawlowski 30CC Leuven Belgium
2020, Feb 1 Delphine Lecompte & Mauro Pawlowski CC Het Spoor Harelbeke Belgium
2020, Feb 18 Smartschade Cinema Plaza Duffel Belgium
2020, Feb 19 Smartschade CC Strombeek Grimbergen Belgium
2020, Feb 22 Smartschade CC De Warande Turnhout Belgium
2020, Feb 25 Smartschade 30CC Leuven Belgium
2020, Mar 5 Smartschade CC Gasthuis Aarschot Belgium
2020, Mar 14 Smartschade GC Volksring Lede Belgium
2020, Mar 21 Smartschade CC De Steenoven Herzele Belgium
2020, Mar 27 Smartschade CC Leopoldsburg Leopoldsburg Belgium
2020, Apr 18 Smartschade CC de Brouckere Torhout Belgium
2020, Apr 30 Smartschade CC De Steiger Menen Belgium
2020, May 15 Smartschade CC Gildhof Tielt Belgium
2020, May 16 Smartschade CC Muze Heusden-Zolder Belgium
2020, May 23 Smartschade Airbag Festival Brugge Belgium
2020, May 30 Smartschade CC Nova Nazareth Belgium
2020, Jun 6 Smartschade GC Het koetshuis Roosdaal Belgium
2020, Jun 7 Smartschade De Roma Borgerhout Belgium
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