Mauro Pawlowski, Rudy Trouvé, Craig Ward - Pawlowski, Trouvé & Ward Vol. 2

Project: Mauro Pawlowski
Released: 2017

Format(s): CD (Album)


1Mount Betsy (As Circumscribed By Ancient Tides)
2In The Wet Maze
3Island To Any Island
5Attention: Music
6Quiz Master Ghost Animal 1: The Sadness Inside
7In Ancient Times
8Quiz Master Ghost Animal 2: 'Get It Right'
9Men In Sheds I
10Quiz Master Ghost Animal 3: A Questionnaire Fantastic
11Men In Sheds II
12Attention: Murmurhor
13Quiz Master Ghost Animal 4: Just Here, No Why
14It's Gone...
15In Starlight (We Must Be Alive)
16May The 19th
17My Nerves Are Stretched So Far They Have Become Like Violin Strings
20Opening The Window On 16th June 2013
21The Building In The Woods
22Thin Can
23At A Different Speed
24German Organ
25Life Support
26Slow dancers
27September 1971 (Short)

File under : Rock, Pop (Alternative Rock)

Mastered By Uwe Teichert

Packaging: cardboard sleeve

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