Faux Amis vol. 11

Faux Amis vol. 11 is a new split cassette release by Lärmschutz and Mauro. "Every month in 2019, Lärmschutz invites a fellow like-minded artist for a split release on Faux Amis records". This month is Mauro's turn. Check it out on Jezus Factory.



Mauro makes a guest appearance on Kloot Per W's USB release entitled DRILL. Check it out via Jezus Factory.

Mauro will also be performing with Kloot, Rudy Trouvé and Jan Hautekiet at Kloot and Rudy's "Vital Parts Expo" / Per W/Trouvé Cassette No 3 release party on 1st December.


Movies and Poems

Mauro has created the soundtrack for Eva Cools' debut movie 'Cleo'. The movie will premiere on Film Fest Gent. To celebrate Mauro's new appearance on Unday records' roster, they are releasing a 7" with the song 'Down From Nowhere' and 2 b-sides (all from the soundtrack). Preorder on the Unday records website and we will hopefully also have some copies for sale on the Bandcamp.

Mauro also provides vocals on a collection of poems (?) called '7 Moralistische Liederen' by Joris Van de Moortel. The record is out on vinyl on 150 copies and can be bought on his Bandcamp.


We Won't Lose Touch

Per W/Pawlowski have a new single out, "We Won't Lose Touch" with 7 different versions available on the Jezus Factory Bandcamp page. Check the Agenda for live dates coming up.


Maurits Pauwels en De Benelux Calypsos

A new release for the summmer holidays is in the form of Tien Toppers Uit Trinidad by Maurits Pauwels en De Benelux Calypsos. Think Calypso Flemish style!

A limited edition cassette will be released by Jezus Factory in collaboration with Stahlmus on 23rd August! Get hold of your copy at Jezus Factory.


Per W/Pawlowski

A new collaboration has arrived. This time with Kloot Per W (De Lama's, The Employees, himself...)

Their cd is called 'Insider/Outsider' and is out on March 29! Get it in your local record store or at Jezus Factory.

They will also be playing Depot in Leuven. See the agenda.


Peter Holvoet-Hanssen and Mauro Pawlowski

Mauro will be collaborating and touring with writer Peter Holvoet-Hanssen who will be presenting his latest book Blauwboek. Check the agenda for live dates.



Screen is a new theaterfilm by Rudy Trouvé and Simon Allemeersch. The production is currently touring in Belgium with a live soundtrack performed by Rudy Trouvé, Mauro Pawlowski, Elko Blijweert and Gunter Nagels. Check the agenda for live dates.

There is a limited edition cassette (100 red copies with download code) of the soundtrack, which you can now get hold of via Jezus Factory. There will also be a cd version coming soon.


De Groot vs Pawlowski

Braaknoot Ensemble is a new project paying hommage to Boudewijn de Groots album 'Nacht en Ontij'. The premiere saw the entire album being performed in its entirety with Annelies Van Dinter, Lore Dejonckheere and Mauro performing vocal duties.

More dates have been added for later this year.

It also looks like Gruppo di Pawlowski is hitting the road for some dates in late summer, so check those out!

Meanwhile rumours are surfacing about a certain possessed factory opening again soonish. Stay tuned!


Tonight is the Night of The Mauro!

Well you lucky people, Arenberg is hosting a Mauroworld extravaganza! There are no less than six bands to keep you sated!


18:30-19:10 Maurits Pauwels en De Benelux Calypsos
20:10-20:40 Wall Streets
22:30-23:00 Hitsville Drunks


19:25-19:55 Nieuw Zwart Trio
20:55-21:25 Possessed Factory
21:30-22:15 Gruppo Di Pawlowski

We've also updated the Agenda page with lots of good live stuff coming up over during autumn and winter

Finally, The Mechanics debut album will be released on the 1st December. You can now pre-order your copy at Jezus Factory. In the meantime, have a look of the new video for their first single, Out of Lovetown.

check it out