De Groot vs Pawlowski

Braaknoot Ensemble is a new project paying hommage to Boudewijn de Groots album 'Nacht en Ontij'. The premiere saw the entire album being performed in its entirety with Annelies Van Dinter, Lore Dejonckheere and Mauro performing vocal duties.

More dates have been added for later this year.

It also looks like Gruppo di Pawlowski is hitting the road for some dates in late summer, so check those out!

Meanwhile rumours are surfacing about a certain possessed factory opening again soonish. Stay tuned!


Tonight is the Night of The Mauro!

Well you lucky people, Arenberg is hosting a Mauroworld extravaganza! There are no less than six bands to keep you sated!


18:30-19:10 Maurits Pauwels en De Benelux Calypsos
20:10-20:40 Wall Streets
22:30-23:00 Hitsville Drunks


19:25-19:55 Nieuw Zwart Trio
20:55-21:25 Possessed Factory
21:30-22:15 Gruppo Di Pawlowski

We've also updated the Agenda page with lots of good live stuff coming up over during autumn and winter

Finally, The Mechanics debut album will be released on the 1st December. You can now pre-order your copy at Jezus Factory. In the meantime, have a look of the new video for their first single, Out of Lovetown.

check it out


In Inhuman hands

This week the new Gruppo di Pawlowski record 'In Inhuman hands' is out! Expect a healthy dose of sjamanistic polka rock with synths that sound like they come out of a Russian nuclear shelter and ear-piercing riffs on acoustic guitars. Expect a delirious dream dotted with impersonator impersonations and distorted studio banter. And if you think the album lays it down hard, go see them live.

As always, Jezus Factory will be stocking it!


Mest and In Starlight (We Must be Alive)

Mauro is one of the guest musicians on the Hamster Axis of the One-Click Panther's album, Mest . It also features Gregory Frateur, Roland Van Campenhout, Pascal Deweze, Sjoerd Bruil amongst others who performed with Hamster Axis of the One-Click Panther during their Small Zoo series back in 2015. You can of course order a copy from Jezus Factory.

Check out this video and article for "In Starlight (We Must Be Alive)" which appears the album Pawlowski, Trouve & Ward – 2.


Lives dates coming up

Not only will Gruppo di Pawlowski and Maurits Pauwels being heading your way over the next few months, there will also be some shows coming up from The Mechanics and Ferdnnd's latest project, Hol. Check the Agenda.

Back in 2012, Mauro made a guest appearance on Phlitman and King Kang's 10" "Candy Queen Superway". You can get hold of a copy from the fine purveyors of music that is Jezus Factory. Jezus Factory are also stocking both vinyl and cd versions of Maurit's Pauwels "Afscheid in Kloten" and "Pawlowski, Trouvé, Ward volume 2" amongst other great releases!

Finally, Mauro played his last show with dEUS last week, but the question is how rock n roll is he?

check it out


Guess who's back

This January Gruppo di Pawlowski have been in the studio recording their second release. Expect the - as yet untitled - release to surface somewhere around April.
In support of the album several tour dates have already been added. No doubt more will follow. Will keep you posted!


Afscheid in Kloten / Pawlowski, Trouvé, Ward 2

Release time!

The Maurits Pauwels release is finally upon us! It's got the fantastic title 'Afscheid in Kloten' and you can (or will soon) find it in a store near you. Or on Jezus Factory. Which brings us to the next topic.

Ten years ago this fantastic label released a joint album of Rudy Trouvé, Mauro Pawlowski and Craig Ward. And lo and behold: ten years later, part 2 is coming out! Mauro will allegedly contribute a "failed and lost 80’s blockbuster movie soundtrack with commercials in between". A video of one of Rudy's songs can be found here,


Maurits Pauwels Groep

This fall will see the release of the Maurits Pauwels Groep record. A number of dates have been confirmed, so go see where you can check out the band!


Record Store Day

Cocaine Piss, Mauro and Legends will release a split 7", Sex Weirdos for Record Store Day (RSD). The A-side is Sex Weirdos by Cocaine Piss while the B-side will feature covers of Cocaine Piss - "Pussy" (Mauro) and "Fuck this Garden" (Legends). You can also get a copy from Jezus Factory.

Cocaine Piss and Mauro will be 'punk battling' it out at Pick Up (10.00 - Heusden Zolder) on RSD. Mauro will also be performing at Vooruit (12.30 - Gent) and Tune Up (Antwerp).

check it out


Terms of Embarrassment

Mauro appears on the recently released live Flat Earth Society album, entitled Terms of Embarrassment. Terms of Embarrassment is a homage to the musical world of the late Frank Zappa. You can now get your copy from Jezus Factory.

There are still a few chances to see this tribute performed live over the summer. Check the Agenda.

check it out