Guy Swinnen - Swinnen

Project: Mauro Pawlowski
Released: 2005

Format(s): CD (Album)

Mauro produced the album titled Swinnen, by Guy Swinnen. He also co-wrote the first single Naked In A Dream, plays guitar, keyboards and does backing vocals on it.


1Easy Daisy3:07
2These Few Lines2:52
3A Bad Hand3:57
4Do It Right3:21
5Hooked On Heather3:18
6Shine A Light4:25
7Naked In A Dream3:33
8Better Than Ever3:55
9Blow Your Mind3:28
10Slightly Buzzed3:47
11A Tragedy3:58
12Sure Been Lonely5:02
13A Little Blue (Studio Version) (Bonus Track)4:56

File under : Rock

Music By, Lyrics By Guy Swinnen
Producer Mauro Pawlowski

Issued in a 2-panel digipak. Made in the E.U.

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