Mauro Antonio Pawlowski - Dynamic Wind Load Man

Project: Mauro Pawlowski
Released: 2011-01-22

Format(s): CDr (Compilation)


01Home Is Where The Exile Is3:42
02Level Dejustment2:04
04In The Sheds1:04
05Sleeping Through A Wonderful Evening5:04
06Harvester Of Rust1:46
07Ashamed To Die2:10
08Tall, Rich & Beautiful0:55
09Village Of Low Points2:28
10I Was In Drama Beach II5:01
11Two Birthplaces4:01
12Monkey Hands / Perplexing Trousers (Saxophone Mix)2:50
14Theme From Swamps Of Simulation2:50
15Disco Zero B.C.1:03
16He's A Crosser0:11
17Dream Riot Ladies2:41

File under : Rock (Lo-Fi, Noise, Avantgarde, Indie Rock)

Design [Uncredited] Jef Cuypers

A collection of unreleased tracks, demo versions and ideas. This release was available exclusively at the Mauroworld event that was held on 22nd January 2011 at Trix, Antwerp, Belgium.

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