Maskesmachine - Ge Kunt Et

Project: Mauro Pawlowski
Released: 2007

Format(s): CD (Album)

In 2006 Maskesmachine recorded their first longplayer (Ge Kunt Et). Mauro was their guide through this, with Pascal Deweze guarding the technical side. Guests on this album were: Roland, Tom Theuns, Eva Eriksson, Aurélie Borzée and Marc Egea.


1Yes Nog 63:18
4Attack Atab4:41
5Dancing Deer4:48
7Ons Danske3:17
8Sorry, Dan Moogde Nog Is3:14
9The Sky Is Blue And I Love You5:28
10Nooit De Moed Opgeven4:26

File under : Electronic, Pop, Folk, World, & Country (Experimental)

Comes with extra Vids on the CD

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