Maurits Pauwels

Maurits Pauwels is of course Mauro's dutch singing alter ego.

More than 10 years ago, he had already dabbled with the dutch language when playing in Kris De Bruyne's band. Mauro wrote a song for De Kreuners ('Meisje Meisje'), here and there some songs appeared on compilations and in 2008 a selection of poetry was released ('Tonelen van kalme waan').

During 2013-2014 more and more songs in his solo sets were sung in the mother tongue. It shouldn't have come as a surprise then that in August 2014 the first official concert of Maurits Pauwels Groep took place in the Warandepark in Brussels. Band members are: Mauro Pawlowski (vocals/guitar), Sjoerd Bruil (guitar), Jeroen Stevens (drums), Tim Vandenberghe (bass) and Bram Weijters (keys)



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