Gruppo di Pawlowski

This is a real all-star band: Mauro Pawlowski, Elko Blijweert (guitar), Pascal Deweze (guitar, percussion), Sjoerd Bruil (keys), Jeroen Stevens (drums) and Ben Younes Zahnoun (bass).

The band was born at the 5-year-mauroworld party at Scheld'apen (28-07-2007), and up untill 2012 performed under the name Pawlowski. It can be seen as the live incarnation of Otot. After Somnabula was put to sleep in 2004, his satanic son Otot arose and an album was released on the Wack Attack Barrack in digital form only. Gruppo di Pawlowski have a massive live sound, reminiscent of the Evil Superstars, with Mauro often acting as a conductor of the band, telling whom to play and whom not to, making it a very different show each time you go see them.

In 2014 Gruppo di Pawlowski will record their first album in Chicago with Steve Albini.



Truth And StyleNeutral Village MassacreIn Inhuman Hands

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