Club Moral

Club Moral is a noise band founded in 1981 by Anne-Mie Van Kerckhoven and Danny Devos. In 2000 Dj Dylan joined forces, and since 2003 Mauro has been a full member.

In 2005 DDV moved to China, AMVK moved to Berlin and Mauro started touring with dEUS. In 2006 they regrouped and Paul Mennes joined to form Bum Collar. Club Moral still performs occasionally, but nowadays with Mauro on drums and Aldo Struyf on bass.

Mariage Installation

Between 8 May 2004 and 22 August 2004, Mauro and Anne-Mie Van Kerckhoven presented their Mariage installation entitled SCENOGRAPHY: Adam or Eve in Paradise, at the Momu Gallery in Antwerp.

Description of the installation: "On the incestuous gesture of the hero as an androgynous larva, craving a return to our mum by sad penetration, a casual Dance Of Death performed in a twilit room, a calm plain alike, the worship kept silent, drowned out by masked gossipers, ashamed of the song of the caressing black, old electric carnival which once provoked silence, until the tourist pleases himself into a skin of hiss, in mono."



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