March 2003 saw the birth of a new Messiah. Out of the deepest corner of this hellhole called earth, crawled a caped shadow. No, dear people, it was not Dracula, neither Batman. The being called itself Somnabula. The song I am Somnabula can often be heard when venturing outside after dark. It appears that the beast only communicates through music, because several clubs in Belgium get a visit. In the beginning things stay peaceful. The Caped Count chants his hymns and leaves without doing much harm. But things are getting more aggressive. To convey its message to the people in 't Pekfabriek in Borgerhout, Somnabula jumps off stage in front of the audience, falls to the floor and demonstrates his weird spasmic moves, while yelling in his microphone. The Brussels club Athanor is left, the floor covered with smashed equipment. No one knows where this is going to end...

In 2003 someone managed to capture his singing on tape and a cd was released: Swamps Of Simulation. It contains murderous guitar riffs, electronic devices designed by Satan and echoes from Hell itself. Check it out yourself, but by all means: don't play it backwards, for you will go insane. Godspeed to you all.



Swamps Of Simulation

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