Literary Projects


Mauro will be collaborating with Zefiro Torna (The Flemish vocal- instrumental ensemble bringing Middle Ages, Renaissance and Baroque alive),Tom Hannes, Jurgen De Bruyn, and Timo van Luijk in this unique production.

Geletterde Mensen: Mauro Pawlowski en Ramsey Nasr

This literary theatre tour put Mauro on stage in 2009 for the first time not only as musician but also as poet. He read poems from his first book Tonelen Van Kalme Waan and played music accompanying his and Ramsey Nasr's texts. With some additions to the show they toured again in 2013.

Saint Amour

In February 2002, Mauro participated in the annual Saint Amour Festival (Behoud de Begeerte) touring the Cultural Centres of Belgium with fellow musicians, poets and writers. Each evening he played a different set of 3 songs. In 2011, the theme of Saint Amour was Italy, and Mauro joined again, now to read his poetry.


Boest in a nutshell was a dynamic poetry project, a writer's show, a book and a record featuring Antoine Boute, Andy Fierens, Jess De Gruyter, Els Moors, Mauro, Xavier Roelens, Michaël Vandebril, Christophe Vekeman and Stijn Vranken. The record features work from the authors on the A-side and on the B side a remix by Mauro.

Vice Magazine

Mauro has been writing for the Belgian Vice Magazine on a regular basis


Mauro contributed to a book entitled Heroes, which is a collection of Belgian artists talking about their musical heroes, written by Steven Borgerhoff, Alex Vanhee (photography), Danny Pauwels. It was published on Lannoo press in October 2004.

Geletterde Mensen: Vekeman, Mennes en Pawlowski

A literature festival tour by Behoud de Begeerte. Participants include Mauro, Josse de Pauw, Christophe Vekeman, Luc De Vos amongst others. Mauro (guitarsounds) joins Christophe Vekeman and Paul Mennes.

The Cover Mountain - Alexandra Crouwers

A handmade book published in 2011, featuring artwork and text by several artist and writers including visual artist Alexandra Crouwers and Mauro.

Frans Masereel Centrum

Mauro was in residency at this artistic establishment in August 2017.



Tonelen Van Kalme WaanBoest

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