Theatre Productions


Screen is a theatrefilm by Rudy Trouvé and Simon Allemeersch with a live soundtrack by Rudy Trouvé, Mauro Pawlowski,Elko Blijweert and Gunter Nagels.


Transkamer is the first production of Artistic Group Ferdnnd (Mauro Pawlowski, Anne-Mie van Kerckhoven, Louis Van Der Waal, Céline Felga en Anja Perisic).


Hol is the latest production from Ferdnnd featuring Mauro Pawlowski, Louis Van Der Waal, Jean De Lacoste, Sabine Molenaar and Céline Felga.

de Roovers / Alsemkomt

Mauro performed live music for de Roovers Alsemkomt which was part III of the Dollarcycle. It premiered December 4, 2014 and toured until February 2015).

Theater Zuidpool

Macbeth - Mauro was invited to compose music for Theater Zuidpool's rendition of Shakespeare's MacBeth (premiered May 13, 2010). He (or sometimes Sjoerd Bruil) performed the music live together with Tijs Delbeke.

Vysotsky - "a raw musical inferno with Vladimir Vysotsky’s work. Performed by: Jan Bijvoet, Sjoerd Bruil, Jorgen Cassier, Sofie Decleir, Tijs Delbeke, Mauro Pawlowski & Koen van Kaam".(Touring 2015/2016)

De Felomstreden Kroon - Mauro composed the music for Tom Lanoye's reinterpreted Christopher Marlowe play. (Touring 2017)

Ultima Vez

nieuwZwart was a modern dance composition created in 2009 by Wim Vandekeybus (Ultima Vez). Mauro wrote music for it. The piece went around the world and the music was performed live by Mauro, Elko Blijweert and Jeroen Stevens.
The NieuwZwart Trio has also performed the music without the dancers on a number of occasions.

Speak Low if you speak love , a new production by Wim Vandekeybus "isn’t an opera, nor a musical in the usual sense of the word, but a stirring combination of experimental music and the classical tradition". Touring in 2015/2016 with live music by Mauro, Elko Blijweert, Jeroen Stevens and Tutu Puoane.


In early 2007, Rudy Trouvé made the music for a Braakland/ZheBuilding production, together with Mauro. It was a musical theatre rendition of Trust, a movie by Hal Hartley. Mauro and Rudy Trouvé played live at each show.

Tom Hannes

This was a performance by Tom Hannes and Mauro based on a 2500 year old poem, the Theratherigata, written by Mahakasyapa, a Buddhist monk. It consisted of a long mantra-like repetitive text brought by Tom Hannes with Mauro accompanying on guitar.

Wim Geysen

In 2005, Mauro participated on a soundtrack to Wim Geysen's monologue theatre project Flits!. Other musicians who were involved were Triggerfinger, Think of one, Daan en An Pierlé. This project toured around Belgium theatres until January 2006.

De Queeste

Mauro performed live music for De Queeste's production Arbeid / Afscheid (February 2005) It was a dramatisation about the closure of Ford Genk. The production played in Genk at the Old Ford Garage, Hasseltweg, Genk.

Theater Stap / Roberto Zucco

Mauro composed music for a theatre production by Theater Stap, called Roberto Zucco (premiered April 30, 2004). The play is based on 'Roberto Zucco' written by Bernard-Marie Koltès.

Theater Froe Froe

Mauro has participated in several of Theater Froe Froe's projects providing the music alone or along with other musicians such as Anton Janssens (Noordkaap, Whodads, ...) and Daan Stuyven. Participating in any of these productions seemed to be quite an experience!

In Zippo he was demanded by the terrifying Madame Jos to "shut up" (=stop playing!) and "play guitar Mauro" (=play the guitar please!) throughout the performance.

While in Freaks (2002) he dressed as a cheerleader for the opening ceremony and both he and Anton were suspended high up in a metal posted tent - which must have been damn scary in the thunderstorm during one of the Brugge performances at the time.

Back in 2004 Mauro also participated in a production called Kloon, in which Vitalski played the lead role.

Ultima Thule

Mauro has composed music for a theater production by Ultima Thule in 2003. The project was called Stekezotvanu and was part of a triology called Gomaar.

A quote:
"Neem nu Godfried. Een hondslelijke boer, getrouwd met een schone madam: Maria. Neem nu Maria. Een schone madam van een rijke familie van drie dorpen verder. Als kind was ze een tettergat. Maar de oorlog brak uit toen ze 17 was en Maria kreeg geen woord meer over haar lippen. Tot ze moest bevallen van de kleine Gomaar. Ineens vond ze de woorden terug. Neem nu de kleine Gomaar. Zijn beste maat is Gaspard. De knecht. Die vertelt over de raadsels in het gat van een merrie. Over het half-vogel half-mensen café, ergens tussen hemel en aarde. En over het feit dat alles ooit terugkomt. Dus: als Gaspard op een dag verdwijnt is Gomaar niet treurig. Waarom? Gaat u geen zak aan, zou Gaspard zeggen."

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