Monguito was 'conceived' after Miguel Sosa (of Cassini Divsion, Atomic Color Perceptions & Atlantic Palace Hotel fame) and Mauro first collaborated on a record tribute to Sun Ra. Although never released, the project identified obvious musical connections between the two of them.

A session followed which resulted in one of their first recordings On the One which was featured on the first official release, Trompete in God. The concept was born, and so now it only had to be decided what they were going to call the project. During a car journey (back from recording On the One), Miguel suggested the name Monguito after a lo-fi Argentinian comedy movie called E.T contra los fantasmas (E.T against the ghosts), where Monguito was the central character. Dagobert Sondervan (aka electronic genius Anton Price, Bohr Bug and member of Daan's band) joined the group in the summer of 2001.

After a series of unique improvised performances, the "officially crazy" follow-up release, Operacion MegaMix appeared on the scene in July 2002, featuring once again original art from Antwerp-based artist Dennis Tyfus.



Trompete In GodOperacion Megamix

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