Bedtime for Bonzo

Bedtime for Bonzo were a 80's post punk band from Hasselt who were responsible for masterpieces such as We Do Have Cheese and Last Chicken in Paris.
After a short break during the 80's, they reformed in the 90's and Mauro joined them as their new guitarist. The band split two years later. Mauro has only played with them live. The members had such inspiring names as Bwana Stelhans (electronica), Dr. Yousseff Khâkhâ, Jeff Benelux (electronics), Jojo Hotlips (trumpet), Myriam Toutcourt (voice), Mr. Kitsbeagle (voice), Phil Terryn (sax) and Remo Perrotti (drums). Later on Mauro, Remo and Dirk Swartenbroeckx started a band called Radical Slave.

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