In 1999 dEUS released their record The Ideal Crash. Following the tour supporting the record (with Tim Vanhamel joining them on guitar), the dEUS-story grinded to a halt. The members of the band went on doing the things they thought they needed to do. For Tom Barman this meant recording an album with Magnus and finally shooting the movie he always wanted to (Any Way The Wind Blows). The 1-year sabbatical they announced soon became 2 and 3. A singles collection was released to let the fans know dEUS still existed, albeit in sleep mode.

Finally in 2004, some summer festival gigs were scheduled, and work on a new record started. By that time, a new drummer, called Stephane Misseghers had replaced Jules De Borger. And by autumn Danny Mommens and Craig Ward had also left the band. Mommens was replaced by Alan Gevaert on bass. Mauro agreed to replace Craig on guitar for the remaining dates that they had to play.

The story then goes that Mauro was sitting at Barman's place, when Barman asked him to help finish the record and do a world tour following the cd release with them. Mauro allegedly would have replied: 'I thought you were never going to ask'. The record Pocket Revolution was finished and was reviewed almost unanimously positive. A huge world tour was planned that took them through all of Europe, the USA and even to such exotic places as Russia and Thailand. Reviews were positive in most countries and dEUS was back in business. They played three consecutive sold out nights in the Ancienne Belgique in Brussels and later in the year even two sold out nights in Vorst Nationaal.

dEUS is probably the longest running or most productive project Mauro's ever been involved with. They released three more albums, Vantage Point (2008), Keep You Close (2011), and Following Sea (2012), and toured all over the world.



Pocket RevolutionVantage PointKeep You CloseFollowing Sea dEUS – Selected Songs 1994 - 2014


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