Harris Newman, Mauro Antonio Pawlowski - Harris Newman / Mauro Antonio Pawlowski

Project: Mauro Antonio Pawlowski
Released: 2007-05-16

Format(s): Vinyl (LP, Album, Limited Edition)


A1Harris NewmanEarly Onset Tourette's11:01
A2Harris NewmanSit Down, Stay Down2:30
A3Harris NewmanSon Of Ichabod4:58
B1Mauro Antonio PawlowskiThe Previous Step2:12
B2Mauro Antonio PawlowskiThe Emperor's Shy Bladder1:28
B3Mauro Antonio PawlowskiThe Awakening Of Animals1:45
B4Mauro Antonio PawlowskiThe Two Wives2:28
B5Mauro Antonio PawlowskiThe Shadowgraphic Party2:26
B6Mauro Antonio PawlowskiThe Old Killing Girlfriend1:58
B7Mauro Antonio PawlowskiThe Stills1:50
B8Mauro Antonio PawlowskiThe Firechild1:35
B9Mauro Antonio PawlowskiThe Paranormal Olympics Cancelled1:46
B10Mauro Antonio PawlowskiThe Last Living Beatle2:29

File under : Rock (Folk Rock, Acoustic, Avantgarde)

Mastered By, Artwork Filip Gheysen
Recorded By Harris Newman
Recorded By Mauro Antonio Pawlowski

Limited to 500 copies. Contains an inlay. Harris Newman recorded in 2007, Montreal, Canada. Mauro Antonio Pawlowski recorded in 2007, Antwerp, Belgium.

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