John Parish - Rosie (Original Soundtrack Music)

Project: Soundtracks
Released: 1998

Format(s): CD (Album)

In 1998 Mauro worked with John Parish to produce the soundtrack for the film Rosie directed by Patrice Toye. Mauro wrote the lyrics to Pretty Baby, which was subsequently played during four live performances of the soundtrack in Amsterdam, Antwerp, Bruges and Portsmouth in January 1999.


2Rosie Rosita2:30
3Pretty Baby4:12
4Rosie Takes Elvis6:16
6Irene Talks About Her Prince1:31
7Burn Rubber Barons3:27
8Rosie Reads Irenes Palm1:34
9Pipeline Disturbance2:16
11Rosita Light A Fire1:48
12More Than A Brother / Rosie Dancing Alone3:21
13I Did It For You Mama / End Titles4:31

File under : Rock (Experimental)

Composed By, Performer John Parish
Lyrics By Mauro Pawlowski
Violin Clare MacTaggart
Vocals Alison Goldfrapp

Recorded in Bristol, England Made in England.

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