Various - Studio Brussel - Eigen Kweek

Project: Evil Superstars
Released: 2013-04-03

Format(s): CD (Compilation, Deluxe Edition), Box Set


1-1Balthazar (6)The Oldest Of Sisters2:44
1-3TriggerfingerI Follow Rivers 3:34
1-4ZornikScared Of Yourself3:41
1-5A BrandHammerhead3:55
1-6FixkesKvraagetaan 3:51
1-7Absynthe MindedEnvoi 4:05
1-8MagnusSummer's Here 4:23
1-9Arno (2)Forget The Cold Sweat7:10
1-10Gabriel RiosBroad Daylight 3:06
1-11BuscemiRamiro's Theme 5:00
1-12CoelyAin't Chasing Pavements 2:12
1-13StarflamLa Sonora 3:48
1-14AmatorskiCome Home 2:51
1-15An PierléAre Friends Electric ?3:59
1-16Tom Helsen & Geike ArnaertHome3:10
1-17Novastar (2)Because3:38
1-18K's ChoiceNot An Addict4:49
1-19Channel Zero (2)Help3:49
1-20The Clement Peerens ExplositionVindegij Mijn Gat (Niet Te Dik In Deze Rok)2:35
2-1dEUSSuds & Soda 4:21
2-3Das PopYou4:00
2-4Intergalactic LoversDelay3:48
2-5The Van JetsDanger Zone3:51
2-6MintzkovOpening Fire3:24
2-7SX (3)Gold3:28
2-8The Neon JudgementTV Treated6:30
2-9Zita SwoonMy Bond With You And Your Planet: Disco!3:39
2-10TC MaticElle Adore Le Noir Pour Sortir Le Soir4:20
2-11The Bony King Of NowhereThe Sunset3:23
2-12MillionaireBallad Of Pure Thought3:54
2-13Marco ZI'm A Bird3:30
2-14The Me In YouGirl In Armour3:40
2-15BernthölerMy Suitor3:07
2-16Sweet CoffeeMy Moon3:58
2-17The SubsThe Face Of The Planet3:39
2-182 BelgenLena3:15
2-19Motek (2)Tryer4:38
2-20Headphone (4)Ghostwriter3:43
3-1HooverphonicThe Night Before2:48
3-3The Black Box RevelationNever Alone, Always Together4:47
3-4dEUSQuatres Mains
3-5Geppetto & The WhalesDuquesne's Horse3:28
3-6Ozark HenryThis One's For You3:38
3-7The ScabsCrystal Eyes
3-8SuperdieselTicket Naar De Zon3:18
3-9Luc Van Acker & Anna DominoZanna3:07
3-10Lady Linn and her Magnificent SevenDon't Wanna Dance4:06
3-11Vaya Con DiosJust A Friend Of Mine3:21
3-13Moondog Jr.TV Song4:24
3-14Admiral FreebeeEinstein Brain2:46
3-15Hugo MatthysenBlankenberge2:52
3-16Stash (5)Sadness4:03
3-17De MensDit Is Mijn Huis3:08
3-18Satellite CityFriend3:36
3-19Jasper ErkensWaiting Like A Dog3:07
3-20Pas De DeuxRendez-Vous2:45
4-1NetskyGive & Take4:12
4-2StromaeAlors On Danse3:25
4-3SchmutzLove Games2:29
4-4Evil SuperstarsIt's A Sad Sad Planet2:07
4-5NoordkaapArme Joe3:29
4-6Raymond van het GroenewoudLiefde Voor Muziek3:10
4-7SoapstoneWhy Would We Wait ?4:55
4-8TriggerfingerAll This Dancin' Around3:18
4-9Goose (3)Synrise5:32
4-10School Is CoolThe World Is Gonna End Tonight3:30
4-11't Hof Van CommerceStuntman3:44
4-12Sir Yes SirLonging = Good Taste 3:23
4-13Arbeid Adelt!Nergens Heen3:36
4-14The Wolf BanesMiles Away From Here3:30
4-15Broken Glass HeroesBaby Don't Worry2:15
4-16Marble SoundsSky High3:39
4-17The Boerenzonen Op SpeedVliegtuig ('k Ga U Komen Halen)3:08
4-18Wizards Of OozeTrippin'3:56
5-1MilowAyo Technology 3:34
5-2AridBroken Dancer3:27
5-3Praga KhanBreakfast In Vegas3:43
5-5De KreunersKom Terug, Ik Mis Je3:27
5-6Running CowGasoline On Fire3:54
5-7Dirk BlanchartI Don't Mind (If The Sputnik Lands) 3:22
5-8Ashbury FaithFever Jam
5-9Flip KowlierDe Grotste Lul Van 't Stad2:51
5-10Front 242No Shuffle3:45
5-11Eden (3)My Boat 3:10
5-12IsbellsAs Long As It Takes3:34
5-13Venus In FlamesHanging On3:30
5-14TechnotronicPump Up The Jam3:38
5-15Nacht Und NebelBeats Of Love4:00
5-16Lemon (9)Stay With Me4:31
5-17Mint (11)Your Shopping Lists Are Poetry 3:56
5-18BodyspasmTwenty Radios 3:30
5-19Vive La Fête!Touche Pas3:27
5-20Erotic DissidentsMove Your Ass And Feel The Beat 3:21
6-1Admiral FreebeeOh Darkness3:37
6-3The Neon JudgementMiss Brown3:57
6-5Das PopThe Game4:39
6-7ZornikThe Backseat3:37
6-8Dead Man RayChemical4:32
6-9AridMe And My Melody4:59
6-10Elisa WautFour Times More3:53
6-11SuperlijmMichael Jordan3:20
6-12Tom HelsenSun In Her Eyes3:01
6-13MilowYou Don't Know3:35
6-14Jasper ErkensCrazy3:52
6-15Jim Cole (4)Things3:25
6-16Lazy JayFloat My Boat2:49
6-17Aeroplane (4)We Can't Fly2:54
6-18Catalog Of CoolRestless3:30
6-19Blue BlotBridge To Your Heart4:55
6-20Hoover2 Wicky3:33
7-1Ozark HenryRescue3:45
7-2Absynthe MindedMy Heroics, Part One4:35
7-3Novastar (2)The Best Is Yet To Come3:44
7-4Zita SwoonThinking About You All The Time3:38
7-5Arno (2)Dancing Inside My Head4:50
7-6SexmachinesOn Stage3:28
7-7YumDreaming In Colour3:08
7-8Montevideo (5) & Lara ChedraouiFate & Glory3:15
7-9Sven Van HeesWhat Do You See?4:03
7-10Sweet CoffeeLost In Tears4:15
7-11HooverphonicMad About You3:43
7-12LaTchak & Sunzoo ManleyIf This Is Love3:34
7-13UltrasonicLips They Move3:33
7-15The SandsApril & June4:22
7-16Won Ton TonI Lie And I Cheat4:00
7-17Jo LemaireCaptive Et Innocente4:20
7-18Luc Van AckerThe Ship3:55
7-19Poésie NoireThe Gioconda Smile5:00
7-20dEUSThe Architect3:56
8-1NoordkaapDruk In Leuven4:04
8-2The Van JetsThe Future3:31
8-3Metal MollyOrange4:24
8-4A BrandBeauty Booty Killerqueen3:01
8-5TC MaticIf You Wanna Dance, Dance (If You Don't Don't)3:12
8-6SoulwaxToo Many Dj's3:26
8-7Mad Dog LooseShiny Side2:16
8-8School Is CoolNew Kids In Town3:05
8-9The Black Box RevelationHigh On A Wire3:08
8-10Vive La Fête!Hot Shot3:41
8-11The ScabsMatchbox Car3:18
8-12Praga KhanTausend Sterne3:30
8-14Sarah BettensNot Insane4:19
8-15De MensIrene2:20
8-16SoulsisterThe Way To Your Heart4:25
8-17The RadiosGimme Love4:18
8-18Dirk BlanchartBuilding An Empire 3:55
8-19CamdenBlack Paper, Black Ink3:30
8-20GorkiLieve Kleine Piranha3:10
9-1't Hof Van CommerceDommestik En Levrancier5:24
9-2Pornorama (3)Boom Boom3:40
9-3Volt (3)Train To Interzone3:18
9-4Balthazar (6)I'll Stay Here 3:00
9-5Pieter-Jan De SmetAugust5:13
9-6Ozark HenrySweet Instigator4:19
9-7JerboaNumber 13:55
9-8RumplestitchkinHoney's Dull3:27
9-9CJ BollandSugar Is Sweeter3:12
9-10Safi & SpreejHerinner Mij3:37
9-12Tourist LemcLiefde, Liefde3:50
9-13Flip KowlierMin Moaten3:01
9-14Admiral FreebeeAlways On The Run4:09
9-15ABNAlgemeen Beskaafd Nederlandz3:49
9-16Team WilliamWonderyear III3:12
9-17Freaky AgeWhere Do We Go Now3:33
9-18Steak Number EightThe Calling3:39
9-19Sint Andries MC'sRepresent 2000 Antwaarpe4:39
10-2The Hickey UnderworldFuture Words4:01
10-3Goose (3)Words3:50
10-4Front 242Headhunter3:12
10-5Kapitan KorsakovWhen We Were Hookers3:04
10-6Belgian AsocialityMorregen1:43
10-7Janez Detd.Lisa2:32
10-8Funeral DressParty On3:03
10-9The Sore LosersBeyond Repair2:41
10-10Monza (2)Dood Aan Alle Meisjes4:16
10-11The GalacticosHumble Crumble3:15
10-12Party Harders & The SubsThe Pope Of Dope2:58
10-13SkyblastersTrip Into The Past4:05
10-14The Clement Peerens ExplositionDikke Lu2:41
10-15K's ChoiceBallad Of Lea And Paul3:15
10-16Betty Goes GreenCold By The Sea4:26
10-17Das PopWings3:13
10-18Lords Of AcidI Sit On Acid 20002:36
10-19Arbeid Adelt!Death Disco2:36
10-20Samantha FuTheme From Discotheque4:46

File under : Electronic, Hip Hop, Rock, Pop (Alternative Rock, Pop Rock, Art Rock, Europop, Electro, Future Jazz, Drum n Bass, Pop Rap, Synth-pop, Heavy Metal, Hard Rock, Indie Rock, Downtempo, Post Rock, Lo-Fi, Soft Rock, New Beat, New Wave)

Made in the EU. This Deluxe CD box has been issued in order to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the Belgian national youth radio station 'Studio Brussel' It contains 30 years Belgian rock history illustrated with 200 'Belpop classics' and 'Lost musical jewels.' Each CD is housed in a cardboard sleeve. The 10 cardboard sleeves are on their turn housed into a carton box set. The artwork of the sleeves is identical to the artwork of the box set.

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