Various - Musik Oblik

Project: Othin Spake
Released: 2010

Format(s): CD (Compilation)


1Klaus BeyerImmer Geld1:49
2Klaus BeyerHe Jude3:42
3Klaus BeyerDie Glatze (Version 1998)1:49
4Normand L'AmourY'A Lâchait Pas4:04
5Normand L'AmourDans La Cuisine4:36
6Baudouin OosterlynckOratorio7:16
7Wild Classical Music EnsembleSoufflé4:48
8Wild Classical Music EnsembleDragon Draak2:45
9Othin SpakeThe Nethack Dictionary, Page 667:49
10The Kassiopeia QuintetI Prima Parte: Caro, Amoroso (Tasso)1:42
11Baudouin De JaerPandulen Wasser Fall, 19110:45
12Baudouin De JaerCahier Géographique N°11 Page837, 1912-19131:14
13Baudouin De JaerDie Oberste Regenttschaft Von San Maria St. Hall, AW, 19110:54
14Baudouin De JaerSecond Folio March, 19130:59
15Baudouin De Jaer'Le Cygne' Pandulen Wasser Fall, AW, 19113:06
16Baudouin De Jaer'St. Eugéne Ysaïe' Die Oberste Regenttschaft Von San Maria St. Hall, AW, 19141:23
17Baudouin De JaerTablas / Jamais De L'Abîme2:15
18Jacques BrodierExtract From 'Cordes 11000270102'15:42

File under : Electronic, Jazz, Rock, Non-Music (Experimental)

Gatefold sleeve with extra fold. Features 16-page booklet with info about the artists in French and English. Compilation of socalled "outsider art" realised with the Brussels museum Art) & (Marges. Tracks 11 to 16 are interpretations of the music on the paintings by Adolf Wölfli.

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