Mitsoobishy Jacson - The Confusion of A.J. Schicksal

Project: Mitsoobishy Jacson
Released: 2009


1Opening Titles3:35
2Unidentified Frequency Artefacts1:33
3Adrian's Theme0:46
4Männer Und Ihre Gesundheit3:37
5You Planned It0:25
6Vulva, Horse, Breakfast2:05
7Thake The Cameras Out Of My Room0:12
8Freeman Dyson Loop3:15
9The Nuremberg Expressway3:25
10The Mornings Are Even Worse2:39
11But What About The Nurse0:17
12Pop Shit Foe Tea2:44
13Drunk Dogs On The Horizon1:45
14Adrian's Theme 21:05
15Last Day At The Institution0:43
16Reykjavik As An Option For Permanent Settlement2:54
17Ejector Seat Choregraphy3:01
18Hey Captain!2:36
19Perfectly Normal Feelings0:27
20Opening Titles Reprise2:12
21Die Bestimmung Ist Nicht Beeinflussbar0:29
22Basket Full Of Dachshund3:10
23Strictly Residents0:28
24Adrian's Theme 30:45
25Who Sent You?0:18
26Unestablished Acoustics3:09
27The Nurse Was Worried, But Hey!0:10
28Contact With Reality?1:06

File under : Rock, Non-Music (Avantgarde, Indie Rock, Spoken Word)

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